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We aim to nurture the Tamoanchan spirit by raising our dogs in an enriched environment and to increase the health, intelligence, and emotional stability of the Xoloitzcuintli dogs. 

We are work to increase the breed genetic pool in the UK by breeding bloodlines with a low COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) to preserve the genetic diversity of the breed. 

We strive to produce puppies that are healthy, highly intelligent, mentally stable, and happy family pets in addition to being resilient to the environment and capable of participating in a range of canine pastimes.


Dogs and puppies come first at Tamoanchan Xoloitzcuintli. We strongly believe that raising a happy and well socialised Xolo begins with an enriched home environment rather than keeping puppies in kennels. We maintain our dogs in a manner that respects their needs and their right to live a fulfilling life, providing the best home environment to support puppies early development and a host of happy learning opportunities.

We are committed to breeding ethically through being open, honest and completely dedicated to the following:

  • Breeding only the best, proven family companions and conformation (beauty) show stars. Xoloitzcuintle of two sizes (Standard and Intermediate) and both varieties (hairless and coated).
  • We give both Hairless and Coated puppies the same amount of love and attention, we do not devalue the coated variety of the breed.
  • Parents of our bred puppies are always health tested within the Kennel Club BVA/KC Health screening scheme and Xoloitzcuintle Club UK proposed health tests, such as Hip Scoring, Elbow Grading, Patella Scoring and Eye test Scheme.
  • Providing early socialization and training to all puppies we are placing with any home. We raise our puppies using the structure of the Puppy Culture protocol with adaptations based on our knowledge of the breed which enhances the puppy to human and puppy to dog socialisation.
  • We are constantly learning and making improvements to our process as more is discovered about puppy development and new exciting courses about dog welfare, behaviour and training become available. As a result, our puppies are well socialized, acclimatized to different noises, have started on their house training, travel well in a car, and accept a crate as a safe place which helps them to quickly settle in their new homes.
  • Offering our knowledge and experience on providing information about the primitive breed and Xoloitzcuintle needs regarding nutrition, skin/coat care, socialisation, training, and breed characteristics.
  • Carefully matching potential owners with the most suitable puppy by assessing each puppy using Pupstarts Puppy Profiling observations and exercises to create an individual profile and matching to the owner. We are observing puppies ability to play, interact, sense, and respond to different stimulus.
  • Providing lifetime support to all owners of our puppies.
  • In collaboration with Adolescent Dogs Online Training Academy VIP Club each Tamoanchan puppy is getting 6 months free training. It is a fully customised online training resource for your Xolo puppy’s first year and beyond.    



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