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I'm allergic to dogs, is a Xolo suitable for me?


Maybe. Every dog allergy is different and so is every dog. It is assumed that as Xolo's are hairless that they are automatically suited for dog allergy sufferers. 

This unfortunately is not the case, dog allergies are not always about the hair, it can just as easily be the saliva or dander (skin flakes) that causes the allergic reaction.

If you are an allergy sufferer our recommendation is that you visit a willing Xolo owner and spend some time around Xolo's in close proximity to understand if a reaction will occur.

Depending on our work patterns and dog show schedules we are happy to offer this service, also consider contacting the Mexican Hairless UK club who may also be able to put you in touch with other Xolo owners.


What should I feed my Xolo?


First and foremost diet is absolutely key to having a Xolo with good skin. Feed a xolo poor food and it will have bad skin. There is a wide range of opinion on the correct food to feed a xolo. Some breeders swear by a raw diet, others a premium dry kibble.

We feed our Xolos a mixture of raw and premium kibble with some veg mixed in. This stops them from getting too fussy and also keeps their skin healthy.

All Xolo's are different so it may take some trial and error before you find the perfect food for your Xolo. Allergies to chicken and other common ingredients is quite normal.


How do I look after my Xolo's skin?


After ensuring good diet you need to consider a suitable cleaning regime, we recommend bathing weekly for best results, mainly because the Xolo sweats through its skin and also has sweat glands and subaceous glands in its feet and so therefore needs slightly more attention.

When bathing use a good exfoliating mitt to keep the glands in the skin open and clean and ensure you use a good quality hypoallergenic dog shampoo.  After drying off ensure that the skin is moisturised. We use a little Coconut Oil or Olive Oil very successfully but again some Xolo's could have a skin reaction to either.

During the bath it is very important to massage in between the toes with a little shampoo. The subaceous glands and sweat glands must be kept clean. Ears also need a good clean.


How easy are Xolo's to train?


Xolos are a smart and sensitive breed. They can be easy to train if the right methods are used. The gentle reward based training methods work best, xolo's are foodies and will do anything for a treat!! Punishment will only serve to frighten the Xolo and turn it into an extremely nervous dog.


Do Xolos need a coat when its cold?


Yes, in cold and wet conditions you will want to protect your dogs chest, back and possibly even legs from the elements.


What about when its hot?


In high summer when the sun is beating down it is worth applying some sunscreen to protect your dogs skin. We use a non-perfumed childrens factor 30 with no issues. Some adult sunscreens have been known to trigger skin allergies.


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